Tadpoles of the United States and Canada: A Tutorial and Key

Ronald Altig1, Roy W. McDiarmid2, Kimberly A. Nichols3 and Paul C. Ustach4


SECTION 1. ORAL APPARATUS AND RANGE: Division 1, Sections 1-A and 2-A - [5] -

Gastrophryne - Section 2

Hypopachus variolosus [B]

Small image of Hypopachus variolosus [B]

SECTION 2. COLORATION AND RANGE: Division 1, Sections 1-A and 2-A; Division 5, Section 1-A - medial margins of oral flaps divergent and with smooth edges; west of Mississippi River - [3] -

Gastrophryne carolinensis (part) [A]

Small image of Gastrophryne carolinensis (part) [A]

Gastrophryne olivacea [B]

Small image of Gastrophryne olivacea [B]

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