Tadpoles of Species Included in:


Ronald Altig, Roy W. McDiarmid, Kimberly A. Nichols and Paul C. Ustach



Ascaphus truei Stejneger, 1899

Tailed frog



Xenopus laevis (Daudin, 1802)

*African clawed frog



Rhinophrynus dorsalis Duméril & Bibron, 1841

Mexican burrowing toad



Scaphiopus couchii Baird, 1854

Couch's spadefoot

Scaphiopus holbrookii (Harlan, 1835)

Eastern spadefoot

Scaphiopus hurterii Strecker, 1910

Hurter=s spadefoot

Spea bombifrons (Cope, 1863)

Plains spadefoot

Spea hammondii (Baird, 1859)

Western spadefoot

Spea intermontana (Cope, 1883)

Great Basin spadefoot

Spea multiplicata (Cope, 1863)

Southern spadefoot



Leptodactylus labialis (Cope, 1877)

Mexican white-lipped frog



Bufo alvarius Girard in Baird, 1859

Sonoran Desert toad

Bufo americanus Holbrook, 1836

American toad

Bufo boreas Baird & Girard, 1852

Western toad

Bufo californicus Camp, 1916

Arroyo toad

Bufo canorus Camp, 1916

Yosemite toad

Bufo cognatus Say in James, 1823

Great Plains toad

Bufo debilis Girard, 1854

Green toad

Bufo exsul Myers, 1942

Black toad

Bufo fowleri Hinckley, 1882

Fowler=s toad

Bufo hemiophrys Cope, 1886

Canadian toad

Bufo houstonensis Sanders, 1953

Houston toad

Bufo marinus (Linnaeus, 1758)

**Marine toad

Bufo microscaphus Cope, 1867

Southwestern toad

Bufo nelsoni Stejneger, 1893

Amargosa toad

Bufo punctatus Baird & Girard, 1852

Red-spotted toad

Bufo quercicus Holbrook, 1840

Oak toad

Bufo retiformis Sanders & Smith, 1951

Sonoran green toad

Bufo speciosus Girard, 1854

Texas toad

Bufo terrestris (Bonnaterre, 1789)

Southern toad

Bufo valliceps Wiegmann, 1833

Gulf Coast toad

Bufo woodhousii Girard, 1854

Woodhouse's toad



Dendrobates auratus (Girard, 1855)

*Green & black dart-poison frog



Acris crepitans Baird, 1854

Northern cricket frog

Acris gryllus (LeConte, 1825)

Southern cricket frog

Hyla andersonii Baird, 1854

Pine Barrens treefrog

Hyla arenicolor Cope, 1866

Canyon treefrog

Hyla avivoca Viosca, 1928

Bird-voiced treefrog

Hyla chrysoscelis Cope, 1880

Cope's gray treefrog

Hyla cinerea (Schneider, 1799)

Green treefrog

Hyla femoralis Bosc in Daudin, 1800

Pine woods treefrog

Hyla gratiosa LeConte, 1856

Barking treefrog

Hyla squirella Bosc in Daudin, 1800

Squirrel treefrog

Hyla versicolor LeConte, 1825

Gray treefrog

Hyla wrightorum Taylor, 1939

Mountain treefrog

Osteopilus septentrionalis (Duméril & Bibron, 1841)

*Cuban treefrog

Pseudacris brachyphona (Cope, 1889)

Mountain chorus frog

Pseudacris brimleyi Brandt & Walker, 1933

Brimley's chorus frog

Pseudacris cadaverina (Cope, 1866)

California chorus frog

Pseudacris clarkii Baird, 1854

Spotted chorus frog

Pseudacris crucifer (Wied-Neuwied, 1839)

Spring peeper

Pseudacris nigrita (LeConte, 1825)

Southern chorus frog

Pseudacris ocularis (Bosc & Daudin in Sonnini & Latreille, 1801)

Little grass frog

Pseudacris ornata (Holbrook, 1836)

Ornate chorus frog

Pseudacris regilla (Baird & Girard, 1852)

Pacific chorus frog

Pseudacris streckeri Wright & Wright, 1923

Strecker's chorus frog

Pseudacris triseriata (Wied-Neuwied, 1838)

Striped chorus frog

Pternohyla fodiens Boulenger, 1882

Lowland burrowing treefrog

Smilisca baudinii (Duméril & Bibron, 1841)

Mexican smilisca



Gastrophryne carolinensis (Holbrook, 1836)

Eastern narrow-mouthed toad

Gastrophryne olivacea (Hallowell, 1857)

Western narrow-mouthed toad

Hypopachus variolosus (Cope, 1866)

Northern sheep frog



Rana areolata Baird & Girard, 1852

Crawfish frog

Rana aurora Baird & Girard, 1852

Red-legged frog

Rana berlandieri Baird, 1859

Rio Grande leopard frog

Rana blairi Mecham, Littlejohn, Oldham, Brown & Brown, 1973

Plains leopard frog

Rana boylii Baird, 1854

Foothill yellow-legged frog

Rana capito Le Conte 1855

Gopher frog

Rana cascadae Slater, 1939

Cascades frog

Rana catesbeiana Shaw, 1802


Rana chiricahuensis Platz & Mecham, 1979

Chiricahua leopard frog

Rana clamitans Latreille in Sonnini & Latreille, 1801

Green frog

Rana fisheri Stejneger, 1893

Vegas Valley leopard frog

Rana grylio Stejneger, 1901

Pig frog

Rana heckscheri Wright, 1924

River frog

Rana luteiventris (Thompson, 1913)

Columbia spotted frog

Rana muscosa Camp, 1917

Mountain yellow-legged frog

Rana okaloosae Moler, 1985

Florida bog frog

Rana onca Cope in Yarrow, 1875

Relict leopard frog

Rana palustris LeConte, 1825

Pickerel frog

Rana pipiens Schreber, 1782

Northern leopard frog

Rana pretiosa Baird & Girard, 1853

Oregon spotted frog

Rana rugosa Temminck & Schlegel in Von Siebold, 1838

*Wrinkled frog

Rana septentrionalis Baird, 1854

Mink frog

Rana sphenocephala Cope, 1886

Southern leopard frog

Rana subaquavocalis Platz, 1993

Ramsey Canyon leopard frog

Rana sylvatica LeConte, 1825

Wood frog

Rana tarahumarae Boulenger, 1917

Tarahumara frog

Rana virgatipes Cope, 1891

Carpenter frog

Rana yavapaiensis Platz & Frost, 1984

Yavapai leopard frog

* = Introduced

** = Introduced and native

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