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Caldwell Hahn


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Using Wildlife Species to Understand Immune Adaptations of Biomedical Significance



Hahn, D. C., S. G. Summers, L. H. He, K. J. Genovese, and M. H. Kogut. 2013. Enhanced innate immune responses in a brood parasitic cowbird species: degranulation and oxidative burst. Avian Diseases 57(2):285-289. Abstract

Hahn, D. C., S. G. Summers, K. J. Genovese, H. He, and M. H. Kogut. 2013. Obligate brood parasites show more functionally effective innate immune responses: An eco-immunological hypothesis. Evolutionary biology 40(4):554-561 Abstract


Hahn, D. C. 2011. Patterns of maternal yolk hormones in eastern screech owl eggs (Megascops asio). General and Comparative Endocrinology 172(3):423-429. Abstract

Hahn, D. C. and W. K. Reisen. 2011. Heightened exposure to parasites favors the evolution of immunity in brood parasitic cowbirds. Evolutionary Biology 38(2):214-224. Abstract

Hahn, D. C. and G. W. Smith. 2011. Life history trade-offs between longevity and immunity in the parasitic brown-headed cowbird? Open Evolution Journal 5:8-13. Abstract

Houdek, B. J., M. P. Lombardo, P. A. Thorpe, and D. C. Hahn. 2011. Innate immunity is not related to the sex of adult Tree Swallows during the nestling period. Condor 113(4):853-859. Abstract

Stambaugh, T., B. J. Houdek, M. P. Lombardo, P. A. Thorpe, and D. C. Hahn. 2011. Innate immune response development in nestling Tree Swallows. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 123(4):779-787. Abstract


Kozlowski, C. P. and D. C. Hahn. 2010. Developmental changes in serum androgen levels of Eastern Screech-Owls (Megascops asio). Wilson Journal of Ornithology 122(4):755-761. Abstract


Kozlowski, C. P., J. E. Bauman, and D. C. Hahn. 2009. A simplified method for extracting androgens from avian egg yolks. Zoo Biology 28(2):137-143. Abstract

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