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Al Gardner


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Carleton, M. D., A. L. Gardner, I. Y. Pavlinov, and G. G. Musser. 2014. The valid generic name for red-backed voles (Muroidea: Cricetidae: Arvicolinae): restatement of the case for Myodes Pallas. Journal of Mammalogy 95(5):943-959. Abstract or BioOne

Ramirez-Pulido, J., N. Gonzalez-Ruiz, A. L. Gardner, and J. Arroyo-Cabrales. 2014. List of Recent Land Mammals of Mexico, 2014: Special Publications. Museum of Texas Tech University 63. 69 pp. PDF

Tavares, V. C., A. L. Gardner, H. E. Ramirez-Chaves, and P. M. Velazco. 2014. Systematics of Vampyressa melissa Thomas, 1926 (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae), with descriptions of two new species of Vampyressa. American Museum Novitates no.3813:27pp. Abstract


Moratelli, R., A. L. Gardner, J. A. De Oliveira, and D. E. Wilson. 2013. Review of Myotis (Chiroptera, Vespertilionida) from northern South America, including description of a new species. American Museum Novitates No. 3780:1-36. Abstract or BioOne


Velazco, P. M. and A. L. Gardner. 2012. A new species of Lophostoma d'Orbigny, 1836 (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) from Panama. Journal of Mammalogy 93(2):605-614. Abstract or BioOne


Gardner, A. L. 2010. Contributions to the discussion on electronic publication IV. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 67(1):4-5. PDF

Velazco, P. M., A. L. Gardner, and B. D. Patterson. 2010. Systematics of the Platyrrhinus helleri species complex (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae), with descriptions of two new species. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 159(3):785-812. Abstract


Gardner, A. L. and M. D. Carleton. 2009. A new species of Reithrodontomys, Subgenus Aporodon (Cricetidae: Neotominae), from the highlands of Costa Rica, with comments on Costa Rican and Panamanian Reithrodontomys. Pages 157-182 in Robert S. Voss and Michael D. Carleton, editors. Systematic Mammalogy: Contributions in Honor of Guy G. Musser. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History No. 331450 pp. PDF

Velazco, P. M. and A. L. Gardner. 2009. A new species of Platyrrhinus (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) from western Colombia and Ecuador, with emended diagnoses of P. aquilus, P. dorsalis, and P. umbratus. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 122(3):249-281. BioOne


Arroyo-Cabrales, J., O. J. Polaco, D. E. Wilson, and A. L. Gardner. 2008. Nuevos registros de murciélagos para el estado de Nayarit, México. Revista Mexicana de Mastozoología 12:141-162. PDF

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