This document is a DRAFT revision of the North American Bird Banding Manual V. 1. It exists in electronic format only and is not available in printed form at this time. Users are asked to please send corrections to the . Please report any and all errors and suggestions for improvements.

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The banding manual is the key reference book for banders. It describes the responsibilities of banders, the procedures to obtain permits and bands, and the methods of reporting banding and encounter information. The manual also describes the computer system on which the data from bandings and encounters are stored and how the banders and wildlife managers can obtain these data.

This manual is for use by bird banders in North America. It was prepared jointly by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Canadian Wildlife Service and is specifically for use by both United States and Canadian banders. Instructions specific to banders in one nation are so noted.

In the United States, the bird banding office is called the Bird Banding Laboratory; its counterpart in Canada is called the Banding Office. The activities of both offices are coordinated, and the same bands are used by both banding offices.

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