You have selected the link to the U. S. Federal Bird Banding and Marking Permit application form. At the current time the application form is not modifiable. After you have completed the application you can return it to the lab via U.S. mail, email or fax.

U.S. mail address: Bird Banding Lab, 12100 Beech Forest Road, Suite 4037, Laurel, MD 20708-4037

Fax number: 301-497-5717

Scan & Send as an attachment within e-mail to

Please review all regulations regarding bird banding permits described in the Code of Federal Regulations

50 CFR 10 General Provisions

50 CFR 13 General Permit Procedures

50 CFR 21 Migratory Bird Treaty Act

This form may be used to apply for a master banding permit, a new subpermit, or to apply to change the responsible individual on an agency permit. Please be sure to sign the application form on the last page. To renew a master permit click here.

For specific instructions for how you wish to use the form, please select from the following links:

Apply for a new Master banding permit

Apply for a Subpermit

Renew an existing Master permit

Apply to Change Responsible Individual on Agency permit

After all three references have been received the permit application (required for new master banding permit and change of responsible individual on an agency permit) may take 2-3 months to process; please plan accordingly.

If you have questions about permits or renewing a permit please send an e-mail to

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