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BBS Methodology Training Program

The scientific utility of BBS data comes from the rigorous, yet simple, sampling protocol that's strictly followed by all participants. The training module to the left reviews the program's sampling procedures.

Dendroica Song Learning Program We welcome you to explore - Dendroica - a convenient and comprehensive bird sight and sound reference tool that can help you build and maintain bird identification skills. A handy quiz function randomly selects songs, calls, and/or photos with varying levels of difficulty.
Patuxent Bird ID Center Whereas the emphasis of the Dendroica learning tool (above) is audio material, the Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter (left) provides narrative descriptions of features used to ID North American birds plus extensive natural history information, summer and winter distribution maps, photos of eggs and adults, and also sound files.
Patuxent Bird ID Center Similar to the quiz in the Dendroica tool, you can test your knowledge of bird sounds and photos using the quiz on the left. Unique to this quiz though is the ability to test yourself based on winter and summer distribution maps - a true challenge indeed!




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