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This report could not have been written without the support of U.S. DOI staff in the NBS (now USGS-BRD) who commissioned it in the first place, and the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center and BBL staff who provided much information, gave us many documents, and offered us space to meet. Perhaps most importantly, they gave us free rein and reacted positively to nearly all of our suggestions about data collection, review of our proposals, and openness of communication. It was an excellent situation within which to operate. In DOI we especially thank Ron Pulliam, Denny Fenn, Gene Hester, Doyle Frederick, Mike Ruggiero, Russ Hall, Sue Haseltine, and Mike Tome; and at Patuxent, Jim Kushlan, Dave Trauger, Dick Jachowski, Paul Schmidt, John Tautin, Bill Bauer, Mary Gustafson, Kathy Klimkiewicz, Danny Bystrak, and Wendy Manear. We hasten to add that the statements, positions, and recommendations in this document are ours, and not necessarily theirs.

We received suggestions as to what topics we should cover (as well as, sometimes, exactly what we should say), from a number of interested banding data users, as well as banders and concerned citizens. They are listed following, and we trust we have omitted no one; if so, it was entirely unintentional and we offer our apologies up front.

We thank: K.P. Able, R.G. Beason, D.D. Berger, M.M. Blazis, P.D. Boersma, D. Brakhage, C.R. Brown, R.W. Butler, R.A. Canterbury, D. Cohrs, S. Droege, B.A. Eichhorst, F. Enders, D.J. Foy, R.C. Gaines, A.S. Gaunt, P.H. Geissler, B.G. Halstead, A.R. Harmata, P. Homann, S.L. Hopp, C.S. Houston, J. Iannicelli, J.R. Jehl, J.P. Ludwig, G.R. Mayfield, D.W. Mock, R.D. Morris, J.D. Nichols, D. M. Norman, L.J. Peyton, A.M. Pooth, W. Post, H.W. Power, J.H. Rappole, S. E. Reinert, L. Robinson, S.M. Russell, B.A. Schreiber, F.C. Sibley, J.A. Spendelow, K. Steenhof, H.B. Suthers, D.A. Tallman, and W.H. Wilson.

Once it had been finished and disseminated, the following persons critically reviewed the Draft Report, on which they offered extensive suggestions, many of which have been incorporated into this Final Report.

For these efforts we acknowledge: P. Albers, J.L. Atwood, R. Banks, B. Bauer, D. Blockstein, M.J. Budzik, G. Cotter, D.K. Dawson, S. Droege, P. Geissler, M. Gustafson, J. Hildenbrand, C.S. Houston, J.A. Jackson, K. Klimkiewicz, T. Lloyd-Evans, W. Manear, J. Nichols, S. Russell, B.A. Schreiber, P. Schmidt, J. Tautin, J. A. Spendelow, G.E. Woolfenden, and S.C. Yaich.

Finally, we really must thank two groups who might not be expecting acknowledgment: all of the North American banders and banding data analysts whose dedicated work, tireless efforts, and constant search for better ways to improve the whole process have made this report necessary. Your efforts really are appreciated.

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