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The Bird Banding Lab is changing it’s policy concerning the storage of local recapture data (as detailed in other parts of this site)  However with these changes, the value of metadata, information and details on how data sets were collected, has become apparent.  In the past, with emphasis on longevity and movements between breeding and overwintering grounds, a single record was informative by itself.  When using recapture data, statisticians derive parameter estimates (such as survivorship) from a set of recapture histories; a history being when and how often each bird was caught.  It is important for a statistician to know details of how a set of data was collected to assess what assumptions can be made during analysis.  Thus, to make each record as useful as possible we will institute a database of individually numbered Project Data set Profiles detailing how, when, and why data sets were collected.  This project description will allow researchers to evaluate the usefulness of that particular data set.  The BBL is developing methods for handling and storing metadata or project profiles.  These profiles will provide in depth information about spatial, temporal, and operation details.  These details can include maps of study areas, videos of methods, and lists of publications.  We intend the profiles to be updated as often as needed through the web.  These profiles will also be able to be indexed to the associated data. 

However, recapture data will not be required to be sent to the BBL until the bander wishes to archive their data.  We hope that project profiles will be maintained, with contact information, to foster collaboration between banders, statisticians, and scientists.  The BBL also wishes to serve the banding community by providing advice and possible contacts/collaborations for banders interested in learning more about analyses and/or possible collaborators.

 While the recapture database and associated project profiles are still under construction and the web interface is not yet available, we have begun testing the usefulness of our metadata structures.  

To view examples of  completed Project Data set profiles, click on any of the titles below.

To view a template for a Project data set profile, click here.

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