Banding Data Codes and Descriptions

Banding data include all data fields and are not summarized.  However, the file is complete only from 1960. 
Banding records previous to 1960 are included only for birds that were subsequently encountered.

FIELD (B=BANDING) Description (if necessary)
B_REGION 2-digit "Region" code of banding (not including flyway)
B_BAND_NUM The federal (metallic) band number
B_COMMENTS Comments added to the banding record by the BBL
B_COORD_PRECISION Level of precision of coordinates given for banding location -- 10' block, 1' block or exact
B_DIRECTION_CODE (Quarter of the Earth) Only needed with B LAT and B LON
B_LAT_10_MIN_BLK For banding location: BBL-style 10' block designation (latitude)
B_LAT_DECIMAL_DEGREES For banding location: Decimal degrees (latitude).  Note the coordinate precision.
B_LON_10_MIN_BLK For banding location: BBL-style 10' block designation (longitude)
B_LON_DECIMAL_DEGREES For banding location: Decimal degrees (longitude). Note the coordinate precision.
B_AUX_MARKER A coded description of any auxiliary markers
B_PERMIT_NUM Permit number of bander
B_REMARKS Additional remarks from bander
B_REWARD_BAND_NUM The reward band number (if present)
B_SPECIES_ID "AOU" or "SPECIES" number of bird
(may be inexact date)
Full banding date (MM/DD/YYYY), may be inexact date (records with month > 12 or day > 31)
(may be inexact day)
Day of month banded, may be inexact day (records with day > 31)
(may be inexact month)
Month of year banded, may be inexact month (records with month > 12)
(may be inexact year)
Year bird was banded, may be inexact year (records with year = 0000)
B_MARKER_LONG_DESC Full translated auxilliary marker information
B_SPECIES_NAME Species name as originally banded
WAS STATUS CHANGED Indicates if, during any subsequent re-encounter of the bird, any marker was added or procedure performed that would result in a status and additional information code that differed from that of the original banding. This is generally discouraged because it is difficult to track, but is done often out of necessity. The field will contain Y if the status was changed or N if it was not.


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