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Species Alpha Codes for Gallinaceous and Other Birds

Due to many requests for this information for use in computer databases and point counts, a list of alpha codes and species numbers for Gallinaceous Birds and other birds that are not banded with Federal bands is supplied here. This list is provided as a courtesy to non-banders. These species may not be banded with Federal bands!

288.1 Gray Partridge GRPA
288.2 Chukar CHUK
289.0 Northern Bobwhite NOBO
292.0 Mountain Quail MOUQ
293.0 Scaled Quail SCQU
294.0 California Quail CAQU
295.0 Gambel's Quail GAQU
296.0 Montezuma Quail MTZQ
297.0 Blue Grouse BGSE
298.0 Spruce Grouse SPGR
300.0 Ruffed Grouse RUGR
301.0 Willow Ptarmigan WIPT
302.0 Rock Ptarmigan ROPT
304.0 White-tailed Ptarmigan WTPT
305.0 Greater Prairie-Chicken GPCH
307.0 Lesser Prairie-Chicken LPCH
308.0 Sharp-tailed Grouse STGR
309.0 Greater Sage Grouse GRSG
309.1 Ring-necked Pheasant RPHE
309.2 Gunnison Sage-Grouse GUSG
309.5 Common Peafowl COMP
310.0 Wild Turkey WITU
311.0 Plain Chachalaca PLCH
313.1 Rock Dove RODO