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Please allow 2 months lead time to process your request.

To request a Subpermit a Master Bander should email the BBL at with the following information for each Subpermittee. Subpermit applications must be submitted by the Master permittee

NOTE! A subpermit should not be requested until such time as the applicant is capable of working completely independently of the Master Permittee.

Required information:

- Master's name and permit number
- Applicant (requested Subpermittee) name, address, email and phone number (in lieu of contact information you can request that we use the Master's contact information for the subpermittee).
- Authorizations requested, please only request authorization for approved projects; choices are the following: - Trapping techniques requested: - Species or species groups to be banded (choices are one species, a list of species or a species group). Threatened and Endangered species are not included in groups unless specified and must be requested separately (Threatened/Endangered species permit is required).
Species groups are the following (click group name for it's definition):
- Applicant's qualifications and resume of banding experience. Applicants must list experience for each species group or similar group of birds they are requesting to band, for each trapping technique they plan to use, auxiliary marking authorizations and for other authorizations they request. Please have the subpermittee provide you with the following information for each banding project worked on:
- Banding-related training completed:
- Description and permit number (if known) of any previous banding permits (or subpermits) held or applied for from any country or other federal wildlife permits (example Falconry permit, Collection permit, etc)
- Project Proposal (if new project) or project name/purpose if there is an ongoing project proposal on file
- State(s) where permission to band is requested
- Auxiliary Marking proposal (if needed and include experience as above)
- Statement that the applicant is over minimum age (18) to hold a Subpermit

Authorization to Capture or Mark Hummingbirds

The capture, banding and marking of hummingbirds requires special authorization from the Bird Banding Laboratory. This authorization will be granted only to banders who have completed hummingbird banding training that covers the currently accepted techniques to capture and band/mark hummingbirds and the proper procedures for making hummingbird bands. Unlike other bird bands, hummingbird bands must be cut to the appropriate sizes and formed by the bander, requiring knowledge, skills and equipment not required of other bird banders. Documentation of training should be provided at the time that the authorization is requested. Hummingbird bands are only issued to permits with hummingbird authorizations, and incidental banding of hummingbirds is not allowed.

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