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May 18, 2017

Bird Banding Laboratory moves to online reporting only

As of July 2, 2017 the USGS Patuxent Bird Banding Laboratory will no longer support a call center to receive Federal bird band reports over its toll free line. After July 2, 2017 band reports must be submitted through the mobile-friendly website,, by persons in the US and other countries, aside from Canada. Those who call the toll free line will hear a message announcing the change and directing them to the website. Those who call from Canada will be routed to the Canadian Wildlife Service Bird Banding Office where they will either report to BBO staff or asked to leave a voice message.

The BBL encourages everyone reporting a band to use A report requires only around 5 minutes to complete online. After a report is submitted, the date and location where the bird was originally banded is provided and a Certificate of Appreciation along with additional banding details(date, location of banding) will be sent via email.

Capturing and banding birds requires considerable effort, and documenting recovery or re-sighting of banded birds is essential to profit from that effort. Band recovery data are the basis for improving the conservation and knowledge of bird populations in North America. Please help the BBL, its many partners, and the birds of North America by continuing to report your band recoveries.