Additional Trapping Techniques

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Some trapping techniques require more time in the field working under an experienced bander. See the following paragraphs:

Mist Nets
Mist nets require a high degree of skill and manual dexterity if they are to be used without causing undue injury or mortality to birds. They also are likely to capture a wider variety of species than other traps, usually necessitating a greater knowledge of identification and aging and sexing techniques. A bander who needs authorization to use mist nets should provide justification. The applicant may be requested to work with a bander who is experienced in the use of nets and to obtain a recommendation from that bander. In the U.S., each mist net (and trap) should bear a tag with the bander's name and permit number. As an alternative, the immediate vicinity of such devices may be posted with signs provided by the Bird Banding Laboratory.  Mist nets should be furled if left up and they should not be left up if there is even the slightest chance that someone may come upon them.  A net that is opened accidently can kill lots of birds and bats.

Rocket Nets, Cannon nets, Net Guns to Capture Migratory Birds
A bander who needs authorization to use rocket, cannon nets or net guns should provide justification and list their experience.
The use of rocket or cannon nets as a capture device is very tightly regulated. The purchasing of the charges used to propel the net is controlled and users must be on an approved purchaser’s list in order to purchase the charges. These capture devices may catch large numbers of birds at one time, and banders using these nets should be trained in the use of the nets and set up to handle and process large numbers of birds safely.
Researchers who have a need to use rocket or cannon nets in the USA may request permission to use these capture devices from the US Fish and Wildlife Service but should allow an extensive lead time. Allow a minimum of six months to a year between the time the request is made and the time you actually need the rocket net charges in your possession. The shipping and distribution of the charges used to propel the nets is also restricted, and delivery of the charges from the manufacturer to the researcher may take a lengthy period of time.
Only researches within federal and state agencies or with a direct university link are normally allowed to purchase and use rocket net charges. Contractors (even contractors for agencies), pest control companies, and private individuals are not normally approved to be allowed to purchase the rocket net charges.

The manufacturer of rocket net charges can only sell these charges to those on the approved list of purchasers. To be added to this list, send a written request to the appropriate U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Director The request should include a description of the need to use rocket nets and the research involved, as well as a statement that only trained personnel will be allowed to use the rocket nets and that any unused charges will be dealt with in an appropriate, approved manner. If the Regional Director approves the request you will be given an ID number and allowed to purchase the charges.

Drugs/tranquilizers to Capture Migratory Birds
Some chemical agents may be used to tranquilize birds and enable their capture for marking. This technique requires a high degree of skill. Authorization will be granted only in exceptional cases.
Before requesting such authorization from the U.S. Bird Banding Laboratory, write for an Investigational New Animal Drug (INAD) letter of permission from the FDA to use drugs to capture birds. The Bird Banding Offices will review requests with the appropriate regional offices. At least 2 months days should be allowed for such applications to be processed.

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