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Permit Suspensions and Revocations

Occasionally a bander does not submit data in a usable form or otherwise creates serious problems warranting the suspension or revocation of banding privileges. Banding stations or operations are subject to inspection at any time by USFWS, CWS, or Royal Canadian Mounted Police personnel.


The Banding Offices will notify the bander by mail of proposed suspension of banding privileges. Suspended permits may be reinstated upon correction of problems prompting suspensions.


If banders whose privileges have been suspended have not corrected the problems within a reasonable, specified time, their permits may be revoked. Regional Offices and States and Provincial Wildlife Offices will be informed via copies of pertinent correspondence prior to the revocation of a banding permit. In the U.S., a permit that has been revoked will not be reinstated for a period of at least 12 months from the date of revocation.


If any master permit holders feel that they no longer need to band birds, they may request that their files and permits be placed in an inactive status. These permits may be later reactivated with justification.


BBL permits may be inactivated under a variety of circumstances. If a bander shows no activity under their permit for a period of three years, their permit may be inactivated for an indefinite period until they need to band birds. If any permit holder is no longer able to band birds or does not need to band them, they may request that their permit be placed in inactive status. Banders who fail to comply with conditions of their permits, such as failing to regularly submit data or to account for bands issued to them, may have their permit placed in inactive status until they have resolved all unfulfilled permit requirements.

To reactivate a banding permit, the bander must submit a standard banding permit application with updated contact information and a description of their proposed banding activities.

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