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Conservation Agency Letter of Authorization (L/A)

In lieu of a subpermit, in the U.S. only, a "letter of authorization" may be issued, by State or Federal conservation agencies with master station banding permits, to their personnel or cooperators. The "responsible individual" for a State or Federal master-station permit may use this letter to cover competent persons needed for assistance in the organization's banding program. However, this letter may be used for bait-trapping of Waterfowl and Doves only. You need to request a subpermit for those banding non-game, using rocket/cannon nets or mist nets. Click here for more information.
These letters also do not cover work involving the banding of species appearing on the Department of the Interior's list of threatened/endangered species. For the list of threatened/endangered species click here.

For a copy of the "Letter of Authorization" click here.