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How to Request Auxiliary Marking Permission

Please allow 2 months lead time to process your revision request.

Requests for auxiliary marking must come from the master permitee.

Banders should plan ahead for the next season's field work, and request permission to use auxiliary markers well in advance of their need to mark birds. Allow at least 6-8 weeks for the Bird Banding Laboratory to process your request. There may be additional time required for the bander to coordinate with other banders marking the same species. Coordination is the responsibility of the banders. Please make a separate request for each marker type and species, unless you have a group of species using the exact same marker type. U.S. banders who wish to use auxiliary markers should send a request to Canadian banders should send requests to Louise Laurin at
All requests should include:

If colored markers are to be used:

If transmitters or other electronic devices are to be used:

NOTE: All bands, auxiliary markers and attachment materials should not exceed 2% body weight for leg attachments and should not exceed 3% total body weight for all other attachment styles. 

Responsibilities of the Bander in Marking Birds

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