02-77001, 1977 - 2005, Photo by Barbara Clauss, USGS.
1977 - 2005

02-77001 was one of our oldest whoopers. She and her mate, 02-74001, were featured in Whooper Report #30. She was a daughter of 02-64001. On December 6, 2005, during the routine morning check, crane technicians found 02-77001 hock sitting in her pen. She seemed reluctant to stand. They brought her to the vet hospital, but she died as the veterinarian examined her. A necropsy showed that 02-77001 had an aneurism. Her mate, 02-74001, seemed quiet and depressed for a week or so after 02-77001's death, but he's acting more normal now. They had been a pair since 1982.

Meet the Staff:

Charles Shafer--Crane Technician; photo by Kathy O'Malley, USGS.
Charles Shafer
--Crane Technician

I have worked at Patuxent as a biological technician for 2 years. After graduating from Millersville University in 2001 with a BS in ecology, I took an internship at the International Crane Foundation in Wisconsin. In the fall of 2003, I interned with Operation Migration to teach whooping cranes a new migration route from Wisconsin to Florida.

At Patuxent, my responsibilities include opening up unhatched crane eggs to determine if the eggs were fertile or not. If we decide the egg was fertile, we try to estimate how old the embryo was when it died. At the end of each breeding season, during the winter months, I measure the egg shell thickness of all the whooping crane eggs that were... moreright arrow image


Whoopers in the News* (updated 2/21/2006):

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Online Publications:

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