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Accession Number 5004263

Title Estimation of bird relative abundance and habitat information at scales needed for

management in FWS Region 5

Project Description Appropriate management of National Wildlife Refuges and other protected lands requires

information regarding resources both within the refuges and in regional landscapes. A primary

emphasis of research at Patuxent has been development of appropriate methods for collection

(e.g., Ralph et al. 1995) and summary (e.g., Link and Sauer 1997) of survey information on birds

(Link and Sauer 1998a), amphibians (Mossman et al. 1998), and other taxa. However, managers

require that information is available at several scales, to allow integration of information from local

and regional populations for management. Research to allow integration of survey information has

2 components. First, information must be summarized in formats that make it accessible to

managers. Second, methods need to be developed to allow integration of the information, and then

applied to address management needs. In this project, we will summarize information in formats

useful for managers, provide displays and analytical tools that integrate habitat and bird

information, and supply information to managers using the internet. We will summarize information

from regional surveys such as the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS), Christmas Bird

Count (CBC), midwinter waterfowl inventory (Martin et al. 1986), International Shorebird Survey

(ISS), allowing summary of these data into GIS coverages developed by FWS Region 5 for Refuge

management. Georeferenced information has also been collected on landbird populations on

National Wildlife Refuges in FWS Region 5 in a joint FWS, PWRC project. These data will also be

integrated into the FWS Management GIS. Finally, remote-sensed data interpreted by the

Multiresolution Landuse Consortium (MRLC, Jones et al. 1997) will be collected for both refuges

and surrounding regions. Availability of both bird data collected at a variety of spatial scales and

habitat (MRLC) data for FWS Region 5 provide a unique opportunity for both applying existing

methods for spatial summary of biological data and for developing new procedures for summary.

Keywords bird, gis, map, modeling, national wildlife refuge, population, status and trends,

Principal John R Sauer, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; William A

Investigators Link, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;

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