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Accession Number 5004190

Title 50-year changes in breeding bird populations (robbin05)

Project Description In the summers of 1949-1951, Chandler S. Robbins and Robert E. Stewart, Sr. conducted

breeding bird censuses of representative habitats in Garrett County, Maryland, including virgin

hemlock forest, scrub spruce bog, open hemlock-spruce bog, and lightly grazed pasture. The

results were published in Audubon Field Notes, vols. 3 and 5 (1949, 1951), and used in Stewart

and Robbins Birds of Maryland and the District of Columbia (North American Fauna No. 62, 1958).

Several of these study sites are in Maryland State Forests, State Parks, and State Recreation

Areas, or owned by The Nature Conservancy. These sites will be revisited 50 years after the

original visit, the boundaries of each will be documented by GPS readings, the vegetation will be

sampled by the same procedures as 50 years ago, and breeding bird populations mapped using

the same procedures as 50 years ago. Recommendations will be made for future management of

these habitats, some of which are very limited in extent in Maryland. These Garrett County sites

are of special interest because of the limited extent of those habitats in Maryland and the high

breeding densities of some species that are otherwise among Marylands rarest nesting birds

(such as Blackburnian, Nashville, and Mourning Warblers, each one of which requires a different


Keywords 50-year, bobolink, breeding birds, brown creeper, canada warbler, garrett co md, golden-crowned

kinglet, habitat change, mourning warbler, northern waterthrush, population change, red-breasted

nuthatch, savannah sparrow, winter wren,

Principal Chandler S Robbins, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Barbara

Investigators A Dowell, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;

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