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Accession Number 5004028

Title Developing indicators of freshwater emergent wetland ecosystem integrity for

monitoring and management at Acadia National Park

Project Description Freshwater wetland resources at Acadia National Park are at risk from hydrologic modifications

within surrounding watersheds, habitat fragmentation, atmospheric pollution, direct human

disturbance, exotic species encroachment, and nutrient enrichment. This project will initiate the

development of a sound, scientifically based monitoring program that can alert park managers to

initial changes in freshwater wetland ecosystems. We will select, evaluate, and test indicators for

use in monitoring the condition of freshwater wetlands. Indicator development will involve

comparisons of candidate indicators among wetlands along a gradient of disturbance and

ecosystem integrity. Those parameters that display significant differences among wetland along

this gradient will be proposed as indicators for further evaluation and incorporation into a wetland

monitoring program.

Keywords indicators, monitoring, national parks, wetlands,

Principal Glenn R Guntenspergen, USGS-Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:

Investigators; Hilary A Neckles, USGS-Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;

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