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Accession Number 5003862

Title Integrating the effects of land use and global climate change on hydrology and

vegetation of Northern Great Plains wetlands

Project Description A comprehensive assessment of the effects of global climate change on prairie wetland

landscapes is proposed. A new wetland model, WETSCAPE, will be used to evaluate the

vulnerability of the range of wetland types to changes in temperature and precipitation predicted by

global climate change models. Significant ecological effects could result because prairie wetlands

provide the single most important breeding area for waterfowl in North America and play a major

role in regional hydrology, land use, and economics. This proposal will determine the causal

mechanisms underlying wetland response to global change by focusing on the wetland hydrologic

regime. WETSCAPE will incorporate both surface water and ground water dynamics. The effects

of surrounding land use will be incorporated into the model and allow for the development and

testing of changing land use and conservation practices as a means to mitigate global climate

change predictions. We will also modify WETSCAPE so we can extend the results of local scale

simulations to the landscape/regional scale and provide a region wide assessment of the

integrated effects of global climate change and land use practices. The advantage of applying

spatial models to simulate the response of wetland landscapes to global climate change

scenarios is that ecological and environmental processes occurring at local scales and influenced

by landscape heterogeneity can be extended over landscape and regional scales and be more

realistically predicted.

Keywords climate change, hydrology, land-use, landscape, waterfowl, wetland,

Principal Dr. G R, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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