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Title Design and test a long-term coastal monitoring program at Cape Cod National

Seashore with Application to other coastal units of the National Park Service

Project Description The National Park Service has identified Cape Cod National Seashore as a prototype monitoring

park for the Atlantic and Gulf coast biogeographic region. A long-term ecosystem program is

necessary to inform park management of ecosystem changes, to provide scientifically-based

evaluations and interpretations of observed changes, and to support development of appropriate

solutions to protect ecosystems. The purpose of this study is to design and test

scientifically-defensible monitoring protocols for long-term application by Cape Cod National

Seashore and other seashore parks. Ecosystems to focus on in the program will include ocean

and estuarine shorelines, freshwater wetlands and ponds, estuaries, maritime forests and


Keywords cape cod national seashore, coastal monitoring, ecosystem, national park service,

Principal Charles T Roman, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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