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Accession Number 5003439

Title Interactions of gulls and Piping Plovers at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, Cape

Cod, Mass.

Project Description This project is designed to address a resource management question posed by Region 5, FWS,

namely, whether breeding Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls are interfering with nest-site

selection by Piping Plovers on South Island, Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, Cape Cod, Mass.

Detailed data will be taken on all actual interactions between the target species, as well as

quantifying any disturbances in plover biology that might follow therefrom. Should any disturbing

interactions be detected, they will be included in a logistic regression model to be developed to

predict suitable and unsuitable plover habitat on Monomoy, in an effort to determine whether or not

unexplained model variance can be confidently attributed to any interactions between gulls and

plovers that might be demonstrable. Attention will be paid to territory/home-range prospecting by

males and pairs, to egg-laying, to brood-rearing and to post-fledging activities of plovers. It also is

a goal of the project to locate and track all breeding plovers on South Monomoy Island. To obviate

unique, single-season effects, the study will run for several years.

Keywords disturbance, great black-backed gull, herring gull, interference, migratory bird, monomoy nwr,

national wildlife refuge, piping plover, species interactions,

Principal J.D. Fraser, Virginia Polytechnic University:; P.A. Buckley, USGS Patuxent

Investigators Wildlife Research Center:;

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