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Title Annual survival in the southeastern coastal breeding population of the Painted Bunting

Project Description Survival rate of the southeastern coastal population of the Painted Bunting is unknown. This

information is essential in determining the demographics for the species. The breeding range of

the southeastern coastal population does not overlap that of the species along the northern Gulf

Coast and south central part of North America, nor do the winter ranges of the two populations

overlap, so the population to be studied is unique. Painted Buntings declined an average of 2.8%

annually in the southeastern United States since 1966. Our objective in this study is to determine

annual survival of the Painted Bunting population by age class and sex within the southeastern

United States. Twenty study areas are in the four-state area of North Carolina, South Carolina,

Georgia and Florida on federal, state, and private lands. Each locality consists of two sites,

minimum of 4 km apart. Buntings are being trapped using mist nets at baiting stations (bird

feeders) established in advance. Baiting is with white proso millet and is begun on or about the

middle of April each year. Observations for color marked birds are conducted during May and

June. Trapping is for one-half day at each site in late June through August or September of each

year for six years. Localities are systematically sampled to prevent any effect of time of year, as

much as possible. Birds are uniquely color leg-banded, three color bands and a BRD numbered

band, two bands on each leg. Birds are released at the net sites after banding, aging, and sexing

has been completed. Annual survival rates will be calculated based on recaptures the following

year and on resightings. A model will be developed and Program SURVIVAL will be used to

calculate survival of the buntings. These data will provide insight into the decline of the bunting

population in the region and complement other research in coastal Georgia recently completed

and other work proposed.

Keywords banding, painted bunting, passerina ciris, population survival, southeastern coastal plain,

Principal Paul W Sykes, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; William L

Investigators Kendall, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Joseph M Meyers,

USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;

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