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Accession Number 5003084

Title Development of new monitoring techniques and programs for plants and animals

Project Description This task will explore at the pre-project level the statistical validity of existing monitoring programs

and search out useful new target taxa for measuring environmental change . Existing monitoring

programs will be evaluated for their statistical robustness and bias, and recommendations will be

made as appropriate for developing projects aimed at improving sampling designs. Monitoring

programs will also be evaluated on the basis of their relative costs and their relevance as

indicators of environmental change at the park, refuge, state, or continental levels, as appropriate.

Plant and animal groups not presently monitored will be statistically evaluated for their relevance

in as bioindicators. For these groups new sampling methods will be developed. Methodological

development and consultation on implementation may involve participants from federal

governments, state/provincial natural resource groups, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges,

academia, non-government agencies, and the public.

Keywords amhibian, bee, bioindicators, bird, butterfly, cricket, dragonfly, frog, fungi, hymenopteran, indicator

species, insect, katydid, lepitdoptera, monitoring techniques, mushroom, odonata, orthopteran,

pollinator, population trends,

Principal Sam Droege, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Paul Geissler,

Investigators USGS Biological Resources Division, Status and Trends Program:; John

R Sauer, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;

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