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Accession Number 5002941

Title Systematics and zoogeography of amphibian and reptile species

Project Description Amphibians and reptiles are important but not well understood components of most ecosystems.

As knowledge of their functional roles in specific habitats increases, the need to maintain

expertise within BRD about the systematics, ecology, distribution, and life history of species

concomitantly expands. Understanding what species occur where requires current knowledge of

their taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships. As pressures on amphibian and reptile populations

from habitat degradation and loss accelerate, a solid systematic foundation is essential to the

success of species conservation and management efforts. The predictive value of phylogenetic

hypotheses is becoming more and more obvious to basic research and successful management

activities. This project addresses specific taxonomic/systematic problems based on field research

and morphological investigation of specimens housed in the National Museum.

Keywords amphibians, amphibians in decline, biodiversity, declining species, frog calls, geographic

distribution, habitat heterogeneity, nomenclature, population viability, reptiles, species

distributions, systematics, taxonomy, tropical forests, world,

Principal Roy McDiarmid, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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