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Accession Number 5001197

Title Assessing reconstructed depressional wetlands in the Mid-Atlantic States

Project Description 1) Inventory a series of reconstructed depressional wetlands that were created or rebuilt under one

of the wetland restoration programs at the federal or state level. 2) Using this inventory as a

baseline, develop a series of metrics (Indices of Biological Integrity or IBI). These IBIs and

inventory baseline will become a reference base for future wetland inventories in the Mid-Atlantic

region. 3) Validate and compare these metrics by relating them to each other and to physical and

chemical factors that are traditionally accepted as affecting wetland health. The goal of this

objective is to determine how metrics based on different components of the wetland relate and to

identify those metrics which most reliably reflect wetland health and can be measured within

budgetary and time constraints typical of governmental monitoring efforts. 4) Develop a set of

sampling protocols that will standardize methodologies used in the data gathering and analysis of

these metrics.

Keywords amphibians, biocriteria, index of biological integrity, wetland assessment,

Principal Donald Sparling, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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