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Accession Number 5001841

Title Technical assistance to National Capital Region, National Park Service - urban

landscape ecology

Project Description The incumbent has had over 25 years of working with or in close cooperation with the National

Capital Region of the National Park Service. This task would provide a basis for continuance of

technical assistance (almost ongoing conversations) along the same lines that have occurred in

the past. Input could be expected along the broad topics such as landscape management (urban

ecology, wetlands, site planning, arboriculture, hazardous trees, site restoration, exotic species

etc.), aquatic system management (ornamental pools, submersed aquatic plant control, water

quality, vernal pools etc.), non-point source runoff control (stream quality and habitat, etc.), and

general science needs.

Keywords aquatic ecology arboriculture, contaminants, deer browse, invasive plants, landscape ecology,

restoration ecology, submersed aquatic vegetation, urban ecology, wetlands,

Principal Richard S Hammerschlag, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:


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