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Title Measuring and monitoring biological diversity: standard methods

Project Description Habitats worldwide are presently being degraded at a rapid rate. Thus, we need to gather as much

information as possible about these habitats and their contained flora and fauna. To maximize

comparability of data between sites, across habitats and taxa, and over time, the information must

be collected in standard ways. We are developing or identifying standard methods for qualitative

and quantitative sampling of biodiversity of various taxa and publishing handbooks detailing those

methods, as follows: (1) The Series Editor (SE - Mercedes Foster) identifies 2-4 experts in the

sampling of a taxon and a statistician to serve with her as Volume Editors (VE) for each

taxon-oriented handbook. (2) The SE and VE develop an outline for the handbook. The outline is

reviewed by experts and revised as necessary. (3) SE and VE invite individuals (including

themselves) to prepare manuscripts for specific sections of the handbook. (4) Authors making

significant contributions to the handbook are invited to participate in a workshop dealing with

standard methods for the taxon in question. Draft manuscripts are circulated to participants before

the workshop. (5) A 2-3 day workshop is held to discuss techniques and their applications and to

revise draft documents. The content of the handbook is also reviewed and modified as

appropriate. (6) SE and VE prepare a final manuscript. (7) SE evaluates the manuscript and edits

and rewrites it to produce a single integrated volume. (8) Outside reviewers evaluate the

manuscript; the SE and VE revise it as necessary. (9) SE arranges for preparation of final figures,

reviews the literature cited, deals with the press, and sees the finished manuscript through to

publication. *(10) SE continually looks for outside funding to support the program.

Keywords amphibians, ants, biodiversity, fungi, insects, inventory, mammals, monitoring, reptiles, training,

Principal Mercedes S Foster, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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