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Title Contaminant Hazard Reviews and other information transfer projects

Project Description The Contaminant Hazard Reviews series is an important reference tool for contaminant

specialists, research scientists, academicians, natural resource managers, business and industry

consultants, and the public. More than 105,000 copies of individual reports have been distributed

in response to specific requests. Each project involves critical review of the available technical

literature (provided by library services) after consultation with customers and colleagues; a unique

format developed by the author; extensive peer and editorial review; publication through the U.S.

Department of the Interior Biological Report series; and wide distribution through internal mailings

by the author, the Publications Unit of the Geological Survey, the National Technical Information

Service, and electronically by CD ROM disc. Each report/monograph usually follows a similar

format. The following is taken from the abstract of the review on Nickel. This account is a selective

review and synthesis of the technical literature on nickel and nickel salts in the environment and

their effects on notably terrestrial plants and invertebrates, aquatic plants and animals, avian and

mammalian wildlife, and other natural resources. The subtopics include nickel sources and uses;

physical, chemical, and metabolic properties of nickel; nickel concentrations in field collections of

abiotic materials and living organisms; nickel deficiency effects; lethal and sublethal effects,

including effects on survival, growth, reproduction, metabolism, mutagenicity, teratogenicity, and

carcinogenicity; currently proposed nickel criteria for the protection of human health and sensitive

natural resources; and recommendations for additional research. Currently, ecotoxicological

aspects of the gold mining industry are being critically reviewed and analyzed.

Keywords als, chrysotherapy, contaminants, ecotoxicology, gold, hazardous substances, metalloids,

metals, pesticides, pollution, risk assessment, toxicology,

Principal Ronald Eisler, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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