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Accession Number 5004866

Title Monitoring the success of salt marsh restoration by evaluating trophic relationahips: a

multiple stable isotope approach

Project Description Restoration of degraded salt marshes is proceeding at a rapid rate within the northeastern US.

Related to DOI lands, the NPS and USFWS have salt marsh restoration program ongoing at Cape

Cod NS and Sachuest Point NWR, among other units. Re-establishing ecosystem function is the

primary goal of salt marsh restoration, but despite the accelerated interest in marsh restoration,

there are few restoration sites where comprehensive data sets are available to quantify the

ecological success of restoration efforts. The purpose of this project is to use multiple stable

isotopes as a new monitoring tool to complement the existing marsh restoration program at Cape

Cod NS. Stable isotope studies have been used extensively in estuarine systems to understand

food web relationships. We propose to better understand trophic transfer in restoring marshes

using this technique and investigate the role of stable isotopes as a new method for documenting

restoration success.

Keywords restoration, salt marsh, stable isotopes, wetlands,

Principal Mary-Jane James-Pirri, University of Rhode Island:; Charles T Roman, USGS

Investigators Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;

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