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Accession Number 5004735

Title Participation in ARMI Task Force

Project Description The USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative is charged both with developing

nationwide monitoring programs for amphibians and coordinating research on causal factors

associated with population change in amphibians. It involves a variety of regional Biological,

Water, and Mapping Division investigators in USGS, along with many collaborators in other Interior

Department Agencies. The investigator was asked to participate in a task force to develop a

study plan that adequately defines both the goals of the program and the methods that will be

used to achieve the goals. This task force will have many cyber meetings and at least one formal

meeting, and requires writing tasks and additional duties in developing portions of the study plan.

In addition to the primary task, additional duties may be assigned in conjunction with the task

force, such as organization of workshops to address issues that arise during study plan


Keywords amphibians, monitoring, research, taskforce,

Principal John R Sauer, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center: ;


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