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Accession Number 5004476

Title Technical Assistance to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/University of Maryland-Eastern

Shore - shorebirds/Delmarva fox squirrels - Monica Williams/Kenra Willet

Project Description Dr. Bocetti is an Associate Professor on the graduate faculty at the University of Maryland -

Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, Maryland, which includes assignment to the

Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences Program. Dr. Bocetti serves as co-advisor to two

Master of Science students (with Dr. Dixie Bounds of the Maryland Cooperative Fish and Wildlife

Research Unit). Both students are conducting research in response to U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Service research needs. The students and project titles are below. In addition, Dr. Bocetti has

guest lectured in Wildlife Management and Conservation Biology courses, and co-instructed a

graduate seminar entitled, Science and the Endangered Species Act. Kendra Willet ù Determining

the Effects of Timber Harvest on the Habitat Use and Abundance of Delmarva Peninsula Fox

Squirrels on Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Monica Williams ù Use of Feeding Habitat by

Shorebirds During Spring Migration Through Delaware Bay in Relationship to Horseshoe Crab Egg


Keywords advisor, delmarva fox squirrel, mentor, shorebirds, university faculty,

Principal Carol I Bocetti, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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