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Accession Number 5004473

Title Technical Assistance to Fish and Wildlife Service - Delmarva Fox Squirrel Habitat

Conservation Plan - Cherry Keller

Project Description In 1999, the Association of Forest Industries, Inc. (AFI) approached the U.S.Fish and Wildlife

Service (FWS) for an Incidental Take Permit for Delmarva fox squirrels under Section 10 of the

Endangered Species Act. Consequently, AFI is responsible for writing a Habitat Conservation Plan

(HCP). AFI requested FWS assistance in writing the HCP. Dr. Bocetti was asked by AFI and

FWS to serve on the Technical Workgroup to draft the HCP due to her expertise in endangered

species research. Her primary role is to address the research component of the HCP, and to

insure that the entire HCP is based on sound science. Dr. Bocetti also attended the Advisory

Committee meetings to represent the Technical Workgroup. The scope of the HCP is the entire

Maryland portion of the Delmarva Peninsula.

Keywords delmarva fox squirrel, endangered species, habitat conservation plan, technical assistance,

Principal Carol I Bocetti, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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