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Accession Number 5004452

Title Technical Assistance in developing an adaptive approach to hydropower management

Project Description We are working with a group of stakeholders, including USFWS, AL Department of Conservation,

Alabama Power Company, Alabama Rivers Alliance, and others, to develop an adaptive approach

for managing flow regimes at a large hydropower dam in Alabama. Stakeholders wish to negotiate

a new flow regime at the dam that will provide better downstream ecological conditions than

presently exist, without incurring unacceptable costs to the power utility or harm to users of the

reservoir created by the dam. We are using recent research relating fish assemblage and

population dynamics to flow regimes in the regulated reach, and other information, to guide

construction of decision support models. We anticipate that stakeholders will use models to

analyze alternative flow decisions with regard to probable outcomes and uncertainty associated

with those outcomes. Stakeholders have targeted Spring 2001 for implementing a new flow regime

at the dam. We will help design and implement appropriate monitoring so that stakeholders can

assess outcomes relative to objectives, revise the models, and further modify flow regimes if


Keywords adaptive management, regulated rivers,

Principal Mary C Freeman, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Elise R

Investigators Irwin, Alabama Cooperative Fish and Wildife Research Unit: ;

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