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Accession Number 5004451

Title Ecological importance and conservation status of river shoal habitat

Project Description To address information needs expressed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service on the ecological

importance, status and critical habitat features of shoal habitat in the southeast U.S., we are

characterizing the unique ecological function of shoals, and preparing an inventory of loss of shoal

habitat, in southeastern river ecosystems. We are also preparing a synthesis of the effect of shoal

loss on imperiled species in the southeastern U.S., and analyzing habitat-features essential to

shoal function in general and for selected shoal- dependent species, in particular. For the first

phase of work, we are using published and unpublished data to prepare the ecological

characterization of shoals, and an inventory of shoal loss and isolation focusing on selected river

basins, and spawning habitat requirements for an imperiled shoal-dependent species, the robust

redhorse Moxostoma robustum.

Keywords hydrologic alteration, imperiled species, river shoals,

Principal Mary C Freeman, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Byron J

Investigators Freeman, University of Georgia: ;

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