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Accession Number 5004413

Title Technical Assistance to FWS Recovery Teams, the Ornithological Council, the North

American Colonial Waterbird Conservation Plan, and to graduate student committees

Project Description The Investigator was appointed to the FWSs Northeastern Roseate Tern Recovery Team (NRTRT)

and to chair the NRTRTs Technical Working Group (TWG), he has been appointed as a

representative to the Ornithological Council, and he also serves on the Advisory Committee to the

North American Colonial Waterbird Conservation Plan and the thesis committees of several

graduate students. In these various capacities (especially in his capacity as Chair of the TWG),

he receives numerous requests to perform specific technical tasks, to attend meetings, to review

documents, and to provide other technical assistance to these groups, organizations, and

students. The purpose of this project is to provide the time and support needed by the Investigator

to attend appropriate meetings and to perform the tasks that USGS wishes to support.

Keywords colonial waterbirds, conservation plan, habitat modification, impact assessment, long-term

monitoring, long-term research, metapopulation dynamics, ornithological council, population

recovery, population restoration, recovery team, roseate tern, species-at-risk, technical


Principal Jeffrey A Spendelow, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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