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Accession Number 5004388

Title Contaminant interactions

Project Description One of the most neglected areas in wildlife toxicology is the study of the interactions among

different contaminants and between contaminants and other types of environmental stressors.

Seldom in nature are wildlife exposed to only one contaminant at a time, and wildlife are never

exposed to contaminants in the absence of non-contaminant stressors such as harsh weather,

shortages of food, predation, diseases, and the rigors of breeding and migrating. Both laboratory

and field studies are needed to begin to understand the complex interactions among contaminants

and between contaminants and other stressors. The goal of these studies will be to provide data

that will help resource managers understand how contaminants and other stressors can interact

to harm wildlife in the field.

Keywords contaminants, interactions, stressors, toxicity, wildlife,

Principal David J Hoffman, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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