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Title Design and Testing of a Sampling Protocol for Monitoring Visitor Use and Resource


Project Description The USGS - Biological Resources Division is in the process of designing and testing monitoring

protocols for the Long-term Coastal Monitoring Program at Cape Cod National Seashore. High

visitation within the park creates the potential for significant and widespread impacts to natural

resources and processes. The objectives of this research project are to identify and evaluate

alternative protocols for monitoring both visitor use (type, amount, and distribution) and its more

significant effects on park natural resources. The protocols developed must address high-priority

management information needs, be efficient in meeting the staff and budget constraints of the

park's long-term monitoring program, and be scientifically and statistically valid.

Keywords cape cod national seashore, monitoring, protocol development, visitor impact monitoring, visitor

use monitoring,

Principal Jeffrey L Marion, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Virginia Tech CPSU:;


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