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Title Impact of placement of bottomland hardwood forest restoration on avian demography.

Project Description Extensive areas of bottomland hardwood forest are being restored on marginal agricultural lands in

the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. In addition to restoration undertaken on public lands, programs

such as the U.S. Department of AgricultureÆs Wetland Reserve Program have markedly

increased reforestation on private lands. Further increases in the area of hardwood forest are

possible through these programs, but additional opportunities exist in conjunction with possible

credits for carbon sequestration and increasing areas of short-rotation hardwood forestry for

pulpwood or biofuel production. Concerns have been voiced regarding the appropriate landscape

context within which to restore these forests. Specifically, what are the environmental benefits of

reforesting isolated tracts versus the benefits accrued through reforestation adjoining extant forest.

Often questioned is the assumption that isolated tracts function as ôsink habitatsö where

reproductive output does not compensate for adult mortality. This excess mortality must be

compensated through immigration of individuals from ôsourceö populations. Forest-core habitat is

generally assumed to provide this excess productivity. A further assumption is that creation of

ôsoft-edges,ö through reforestation adjacent to existing forests, mitigates the detrimental impacts

associated with forest-agriculture interfaces and thereby increases the amount of forest core.

Studies have examined avian demographics along forest edges but little effort has been made to

assess the performance of conservation strategies that are designed to negate detrimental

ecological processes associated with habitat fragmentation.

Keywords acadian flycatcher, afforestation, avian abundance, bottomland hardwood, demography,

dickcissel, eastern towhee, edge, forest, landscape, mississippi valley, mourning dove, nest

monitoring, nest parasitism, nest predation, nest success, northern cardinal, passerine,

red-winged blackbird, reforestation, wetland reserve program, white-eyed vireo, yellow-billed

cuckoo, yellow-breasted chat,

Principal Daniel J Twedt, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Robert J

Investigators Cooper, Warnell School of Forest Resources, University of Georgia:;

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