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Accession Number 5004022

Title The role of methoprene as Altosid in amphibian deformities

Project Description This project will use constructed wetlands and outdoor microcosms to test the hypothesis that

methoprene in the formulations of spray or briquette Altosid creates malformations in amphibian

larvae. Methoprene is one of the compounds that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service uses within

National Wildlife Refuges to control for mosquitos. They wish to find pesticides that are both

effective and safe to non-target organisms. Earlier research demonstrated that a higher frequency

of missing hindlimb malformations and delayed metamorphosis occurred in wetlands sprayed with

Altosid. This research will augment that study to better understand the risk of methoprene in

creating malformations.

Keywords amphibian, malformations, methoprene, mosquito control, toxicology,

Principal Don Sparling, USGS-Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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