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Accession Number 5004019

Title Bird Inventory for National Capital Parks-East

Project Description National Capital Parks-East (NACE) consists of a diverse set of parks, totaling over 3200

hectares, owned and managed by the National Park Service within Washington, D.C., and in

Prince George's and Charles Counties, Maryland. Although some sites have been developed for

public use, others are largely undeveloped, and function mainly as open space and habitat for

plants and wildlife. As human populations have increased within the Washington metropolitan

area, these undeveloped parks are frequently targeted by local governments for projects that

require open space. Within the National Park Service, discussions have focused on the need to

balance the Park's missions of preserving historic and biotic resources. Knowledge of the

composition and spatial distribution of bird communities in NACE parks would contribute greatly

to sound decisions on future use and management of park properties. In this study, we surveyed

populations of birds that use NACE parks during the nesting, wintering, and migration seasons,

and consolidated previously collected data on birds in NACE parks.

Keywords bird distribution, geographic information system, habitat requirements, neotropical migrants, urban

ecology, washington, d.c.,

Principal Deanna K Dawson, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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