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Accession Number 5003910

Title Dynamics of amphibian populations of Acadia National Park in relation to

anthropogenic and natural changes in wetland systems

Project Description Little detailed information is available for amphibian populations in most eastern National Park

Service units and Acadia National Park is no exception. Baseline data on population abundance

and distribution is required for local amphibian species so that NPS managers can make informed

decisions that protect park resources. In addition, amphibians, as a group, are considered

reliable indicators of environmental stress as evidenced in some areas by declining populations

and species diversity. Amphibian populations will be documented in a variety of wetlands, and

evaluated (e.g., reproduction) with respect to biotic (e.g., fish populations) and abiotic factors

(e.g., temperature, acidity).

Keywords wetland ecology,

Principal Aram Calhoun, University of Maine:; Malcolm Hunter, University of Maine:

Investigators; William Glanz, University of Maine:; William

Glanz, Univeristy of Maine:;

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