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Accession Number 5003909

Title Development and dissemination of a presettlement forest land cover map for guiding

landscape scale ecosystem restoration in Wisconsin

Project Description This project represents a collaboration between the State of Wisconsin and the Biological

Resources Division to develop, produce, and disseminate detailed quantitative map coverages and

data sets of the pre-European forest cover of the northern forested part of Wisconsin. The

description of landscape condition prior to large-scale alteration by European settlement is a

critical component of state and regional forest management plans. A knowledge of pre-European

landscape condition is needed to initiate landscape level ecosystem restoration projects.

Landscape-scale forest management and restoration are increasingly viewed as a significant

component of sustainable ecosystem initiatives and assessments of state and national forests

must consider the historical context of changing land cover and land use. New GIS and spatial

modeling techniques will be used to transform the historic data sets of tree species spatial

coverage found in the General Land Office presettlement surveys of federal lands into a series of

forest coverages and maps at various scales and spatial resolutions.

Keywords forests, gis, glo, landscape, mapping, restoration, spatial statistics,

Principal Dr. G R, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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