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Accession Number 5003497

Title Maintaining and serving a bibliographic database to North American waterfowl and

their wetland habitats

Project Description The research literature on waterfowl (family Anatidae) is extensive because waterfowl have

attracted the interest of ornithologists and wildlife researchers for much of the 20th century and

continue to be the focus of numerous studies by state and federal agencies, universities, and

private conservation organizations. This research task is designed to provide easy and complete

access via a bibliographic database to the extensive literature on waterfowl, especially the

historical and unpublished sources. The bibliographic database is intended to help researchers

design new studies and prepare comparative analyses, and to facilitate interactions between

partners working jointly on research and management projects.

Keywords bibliography, database, literature, waterfowl, wetlands,

Principal Kenneth J Reinecke, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Kevin

Investigators M Hartke, Patuxent Wildife Research Center:; Lynda J Garrett, USGS

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; lois_loges, USGS Patuxent

Wildlife Research Center:; Judith K Buys, USGS Patuxent Wildlife

Research Center:;

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