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Accession Number 5003488

Title A Conservation Plan for Colonial Waterbirds throughout North America, Central

America, and the Caribbean

Project Description Aquatic birds face significant threats to the long term stability of their populations and habitats

within North America due to such impacts as the destruction of freshwater wetlands; destruction

and degradation of coastal ecosystems; depletion of the forage base in freshwater, coastal, and

marine ecosystems; contaminants; sea level rise; and various conflicts with human land and

resource use. For some species, these threats have resulted in declines in numbers. In other

cases, these disturbances have resulted in colonial waterbird species becoming pests. Most of

these species are found in suitable habitats throughout North America and many migrate into the

Caribbean, and Central and South America. Therefore, maintaining North American populations of

colonially-nesting aquatic birds at levels required for their long-term conservation in balance with

human needs depends on inventory, monitoring, management action, and planning on a

continental and international scale. This project will result in a conservation plan which, once

implemented, will lead to long-term conservation of colonial waterbirds throughout their breeding,

migratory, and wintering habitats. This conservation plan will be integrated with other bird

conservation planning efforts, including Partners in Flight, US Shorebird Plan, and the North

American Waterfowl Management Plan through the North American Bird Conservation Initiative.

Keywords canada, caribbean, central america, colonial waterbirds, conservation initiative, conservation plan,

mexico, nabci, seabirds, waterbirds,

Principal Melanie J Steinkamp, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;

Investigators R. M Erwin, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;

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