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Accession Number 5003459

Title Tropical forest conservation plan

Project Description Much of the 7,900 ha nuclear zone of the Cerro San Gil Ecological Reserve in Guatemala--

essentially the undisturbed mountaintop--has been purchased by FUNDAECO and is also

protected by federal legislation. The surrounding multiple use (11,000 ha) and buffer zones (28,000

ha), which are unprotected, provide habitats for dozens of bird species that do not occur in the

protected area, and many of these are neotropical migrants. This project will identify and prioritize

sites in need of protection, and FUNDAECO personnel, with support from the National Fish and

Wildlife Foundation, will negotiate, with landowners and land managers to establish through

easements or other means, for protection of high priority habitats. BRDs role in this project is to

assist FUNDAECO in establishing a GIS of the Cerro San Gil area and train FUNDAECO

biologists in its use, and to assist in designating candidate areas, selecting indicator species, and

sampling bird populations in representative habitats.

Keywords bird populations, candidate areas, central america, fundaeco, gis, indicator species, migratory

birds, neotropical migrants,

Principal Chandler S Robbins, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; Barbara

Investigators A Dowell, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;

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