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Accession Number 5003056

Title Integrated monitoring of North American bird populations

Project Description Although there are dozens of ongoing programs in North America that attempt to monitor bird

populations, information varies greatly in quality and there is no centralized mechanism for

accessing or distributing all the available information. One especially important database, which is

of particular importance for gamebird management, is the bird-banding database at Patuxent

Wildlife Research Center. This database is of limited use because it is hierarchically structured,

lending itself to batch jobs and high labor and maintenance costs. The overall goal of this project

is to improve the migratory bird management capabilities of resource management agencies by

streamlining operational systems for management of bird population data and by making all the

available information maximally accessible to users. Key objectives in meeting the goal are (1) to

redesign and re-engineer the Bird-Banding Laboratory so that the great majority of data import and

export functions are electronic and a new client server, relational database is accessible by users

through the Internet; (2) to build an integrated network of North American bird population

monitoring programs, linked through an electronic center containing relational databases also

accessible through the Internet, along with analytical software packages for the convenience of the

clients. Initial emphasis will be on the Breeding Bird Survey, Christmas Bird Count, colonial

waterbird databases, and passerine point count databases. Incorporation of non-DOI databases

into the data center will be achieved through a series of partnership agreements entailing varying

levels of data management support by Patuxent, depending upon the data management

capabilities of the partner. Support will be provided for development of monitoring programs for taxa

not presently covered and for improvement of presently deficient programs.

Keywords bandmanager, bird banding, bird conservation node, breeding bird atlas, breeding bird survey,

christmas bird count, colonial waterbirds, point counts, population databases, population trends,

Principal Bruce Peterjohn, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; John

Investigators Tautin, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:; , USGS Patuxent

Wildlife Research Center: ; , USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center: ;

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