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Accession Number 5003055

Title Behavior and ecology of birds with emphasis on tropical areas

Project Description 1. Establish baseline data on behavior and ecology of Alder Flycatchers on their wintering grounds

in Peru including determination of differences among sex and age groups. 2. Map and study

changes in territories and foraging behavior in the face of habitat change. 3. The use of fruit by

nearctic migrant birds during migration and winter. 4. The use of fruit trees for enhancement of

migratory and winter habitats of nearctic migrant birds forest birds. 5. Interactions between

nearctic migrant birds with resident birds on the wintering grounds.

Keywords alder flycatcher, biodiversity, empidonax alnorum, environmental change, frugivory, habitat

enhancement, habitat requirements, mexico, migratory birds, peru, wintering grounds,

Principal Mercedes S Foster, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:;


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